TFSA instructions

We are pleased to announce that Canadian Western Trust has approved aroi Mortgage Investment Corp for inclusion in the following self directed investment accounts: RRSP, TFSA and RRIF

Not sure if a TFSA is the best way to structure your investment in aroi? the CRA provides everything you need to know

Inclusion of your aroi investment in a TFSA is accomplished with the following steps:

1) Open a Self Directed Tax Free Savings Plan with Canadian Western Trust by downloading this form:

To open a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA), please complete a CWT Tax Free Savings Account Application Form.
Click here for a sample guide on how to complete this form.

  • For TFSAs, please enclose a legible copy of a government issued photo ID.

As of May 1, 2014 the annual fee to maintain your Self Directed TFSA account with Canadian Western Trust is $125+HST

2) Transfer an existing TFSA account to CWT by completing this form:

Click here for a Transfer Authorization For Registered Investments (T2033). Click here for a sample guide on how to complete this form.

3) You may also direct your TFSA to purchase new shares of aroi:

  1. Complete the Investment Instructions for Exempt Market Products form. Important – Please refer to this processing guide for details about holding these securities in a CWT account.
  2. Enclose a cheque for $100 + applicable HST. Please indicate on the cheque that it is for a “fee payment”.

All forms should be sent in one package to:

  • Canadian Western Trust
  • Suite 300 -750 Cambie Street
  • Vancouver, BC
  • V6B 0A2

Checklist of required items:

  • TFSA Application
  • please enclose a legible copy of a government issued photo ID.
  • Transfer Authorization Form (T2033) (if applicable)
  • Cheque for Contribution (if applicable)
  • Investment Instructions for Exempt Market Products
  • Pre-Authorized Debit and Void Cheque portion of the New Account Application or TFSA Application
  • Cheque for $100 + HST for MIC purchases

For further questions, please call Canadian Western Trust’s Client Service Team at 1-800-663-1124 or email, or contact aroi