Director Independence has become an important indicator of Board effectiveness.

Aroi’s Board of Directors is presently comprised of four directors, two of which are independent, and not involved in any of the day to day operations. This maintains a healthy balance of control between the senior management team and the Board.

  • Tom Busch – President and Director
  • Matthew Hennigar – Chair, Vice President and Secretary
  • Kim Connell – Director since 2011
  • Phil Otto – Director since 2013


The current Directors bring the following skills to the table: 

  • Private Lending / Underwriting
  • Subdivision Development
  • Property Management (Commercial and Residential)
  • Property Construction
  • Real Estate Market Intelligence
  • Brokering of Mortgages
  • Corporate Governance
  • Credit adjudication
  • Public Relations
  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial Planning

The following skill sets are sought:

  • Property Law
  • Banking (operations)