Lending Criteria

  • 85% Maximum Loan to Value (75% is frequently offered)
  • Minimum Mortgage of $5k
  • Offering 1, 2 & 3rd mortgages
  • Credit quality issues are okay:
    • Aroi will take out a foreclosure
    • Recent bankrupts
    • Payout of Consumer Proposal
  • Mortgages for new immigrants and AFS clientele
  • Construction Mortgages including
    • Rapid and flexible draw approvals
    • Interest charged ONLY on amount drawn
  • Mortgagees requiring ‘credit reconstruction’ must agree to follow up appointments
  • Lending area is Mainland Nova Scotia
  • Turn around for a commitment when all criteria is sent in up front is up to 24 to 48 hours
  • Aroi can fund Mortgages within days for urgent applications
  • Please call us before ordering an appraisal as there are some we will not accept
  • Interest only interest rates will vary according to risk and duration (12 to 29%)
  • Lender fees from 4% to 10% depending on expected Mortgage Term and strength of exit strategy
  • Happy to provide feedback on the likelihood of an approval after brief phone call or email describing the following:
    • LTV
    • Location
    • Borrower’s
      • payment history
      • credit bureau challenges
      • ability to service payments
    • Exit strategy / term
    • Full file submission guidelines

To discuss a potential deal anytime  please call Aroi’s after Hours Hotline: 1-855 566 1100 or submit@aroi.ca

As a local business which understands local Real Estate, aroi is positioned to understand the quality of your deal and get it funded even when the banks let you down.

Every deal brings with it unique borrowers and circumstance. Please reach out to us anytime to discuss a deal. We will be happy to provide our thoughts on it before submission of an entire file.