File Submission

To summarize our file submission process, please:

1- Give Catherine, Kate or Tom a call to briefly chat about the deal structure @ 902.681.1100. Please try us anytime of day.

2-      Send application to including

  • Bureau
  • Explanation of how the client got into this situation
  • Explanation of the exit strategy
  • Explanation of any additional income or cashflows that do not show up on noa/application

3-      we typically request the following after issuing a commitment:

  • 12 months of banking history for the borrower(s) primary account
  • Pictures
  • Appraisal

4-      Final steps:

  • Personal interview of the client
  • Settlement letters for o/s debts if applicable.

Key benefits of an aroi Mortgage:

  • We may recommend a lower rate lender to you before writing the deal.
  • We monitor the credit rebuild process
  • We direct your client back to you to complete exit financing
  • We don’t charge a fee on renewal or extension, however the rate does increase.
  • We offer additional flexibility on rates and fees for bulletproof exit strategies such as a CRA arrears payment with pending approval.

Aroi  looks forward to the opportunity to help your client back to a better financial footing.