aroi Mortgage Investment Corporation

With headquarters located in the heart of the Annapolis Valley, aroi Mortgage Investment Corporation’s team of experienced lending professionals understand all aspects of property financing throughout Nova Scotia, from rural regions to the city of Halifax.

aroi has experience with a variety of character and common sense based lending scenarios:

  • Some individuals find themselves struggling through financial hardship and learn too late that they no longer qualify for a refinance to tap equity from their home to resolve threats of judgement and foreclosure.
  • Divorce, where one departing spouse wishes to maintain ownership of the family home and requires short-term bridge financing.
  • Collection settlement as part of the credit score restoration process to return your client to a low-cost of borrowing with institutional lenders.
  • aroi understands the Consumer Proposal process and can provide special financing to pay out your proposal instantly, greatly decreasing the time is takes to re-establish credit.
  • The situations are diverse and the underwriting requirements equally variable. The aroi team looks forward to discussing your client’s predicament to best structure a financing proposal.

Key benefits of an aroi Mortgage:

  • We may recommend a lower rate lender to you before writing the deal.
  • We monitor the credit rebuild process
  • We direct your client back to you to complete exit financing
  • We don’t charge a fee on renewal or extension, however the rate does increase.
  • We offer additional flexibility on rates and fees for bulletproof exit strategies such as a CRA arrears payment with pending approval.